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Reception Hours

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Aviation Medical Exam


What to Bring

For your Aviation Medical Exam, we request you to bring the following:

  • Aviation Medical Booklet/ Medical certificate (if you already have one)
  • Government issued picture ID
  • BC Health Care Card
  • Prescription glasses/ contact lenses (we have to check your vision with and without glasses/contacts, please be sure to bring your own contact solution, if needed)
  • All your medications
  • Medical history and documentation (if applicable)

Were are here for you, whether you are starting out in aviation or are at the top of your career, we will be happy to complete your Aviation Medical Exam.  According to Canadian Aviation Regulations, there are five general categories:

  • Category 1: Airline transport/ Senior Commercial/ Commercial
  • Category 2: Air Traffic Control/ Flight Navigator/ Flight Engineer
  • Category 3: Private/ Student pilot/ Gyroplane Pilot/ Free Balloon Pilot
  • Category 4: Recreational Pilot/ Ultralight Pilot/ Glider Pilot/
    Glider Instructor